Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt

Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt



"Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt"

T-Shirt Quilt displayed at Graduation Party


I bet you thought I had forgotten I had a blog!!  Well, I have been extremely busy with a granddaughter’s graduation, vacation and planting a garden.  But for one week I spent most of it working on a T-Shirt Quilt for my granddaughter, so I want to share some “Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt.”

The “Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt,” are things I learned while putting it together!  When you look at the examples of a t-shirt quilt online, on pinterest, it looks really simple but when you don’t read all the information that is available it can make putting one together a very tedious project.   There are a number helpful youtubes and online tutorials to make your t-shirt quilt a success!!

Even though I did mess up some and didn’t follow the instructions that would have made it a whole lot easier to put together it was a success in my eyes because my granddaughter loved it!!!

“Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt”

  • Make sure to have a consistent size blocks, makes it a lot easier to put together.
  • Use fusible light weight fusing on the back of each block to prevent the t-shirt fabric from stretching.
  • Sew your binding together and follow this method of attaching it to the quilt.
  • Have an area that you can lay your sewn together squares flat down, then place your quilt batting on top of the squares & pin both layers together. 

These might not be the most instructive tips but they are the tips that will help me the next time and I won’t make the same foolish mistakes.  Of course it is important that you have some sewing experience but if you haven’t had much experience sewing there are plenty of tutorials online to guide you through.  

The most rewarding part of making this quit even though it wasn’t anywhere near perfect was the tears that my granddaughter shed when she saw the personal message that I had put on one of the back corners of the quilt using my Cricut and vinyl lettering.   


"Tips To Making A T-Shirt Quilt"

Personal Message to granddaughter


 Tutorials that I found to be very helpful.



Finished T-Shirt Quilt