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  1. Jeanne Van De Walker says:

    What are the prices of the cards?

    • says:

      The Pop-up Box Cards are $6.00 + $1.00 Shipping for one card & $3.00 Shipping for 2-4 cards. There may be more shipping charges depending on how many cards are ordered, I sent Ann 6 cards and the shipping was $4.00, but they weren’t all the pop-up cards some were flatter.
      The Cascade Cards are $6.00 also and same shipping fees.
      The Sympathy Card, The pink card with the doily & butterfly, the apron cards and the cards in the flower pot are all $4.00 each, shipping depending on how many you order would be a little less then the pop-up cards.
      The Trifold & Bridge card are $4.50
      The Valentine Cards are $7.00 because they have a more expensive paper used in making them.
      Shipping all depends on which cards and how many cards I will be sending.

      Thank You for your interest and please feel free to contact me whenever.


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