“A” Rated Secret Shop Companies

“A” Rated Secret Shop Companies

"A" Rated Secret Shop Companies

“A” Rated Secret Shop Companies


You may not make thousands of dollars a year doing secret shops but you can make some extra cash and have fun earning extra cash.  Take in a movie or enjoy a nice meal from doing “A” Rated Secret Shop Companies.

There are secret shops in a number of different genres, it isn’t just going into a department store making a purchase.  Secret Shopping could be a phone call, evaluate customer service or a doctor’s office visit.

So many “Work From Home” jobs can be a scam, but the shops I am going to share with you are companies I have either done personally and/or are “A” Rated Secret Shop Companies,” with Better Business Bureau.

What is a Secret Shopper?

As a Secret Shopper you pretend to be a customer out on a regular shopping day, but you are really being very aware of anything that your secret shop company has listed as an evaluation feature.  

When you have completed the shop assignment you will go online and fill out an evaluation form to be submitted to the secret shop company you were assigned the shop under.

Each shop has their own criteria you need to meet.  “Pay close attention to each companies instructions and criteria.”  

Paying attention to details and having good written communications skills will assist you in obtaining more jobs with companies.

So many secret shop companies out there where you can earn extra cash, free meals, free merchandise or even a pass to a concert or amusement park.  So check the 3 shops I have listed below and have fun shopping!!!


Shops Offered: This company offers shops in the area of auto, banking, fitness, retail and phone shops among other shops.

Requirements:  Write thorough reports, follow guidelines closely, perform shops on time.

Pay: Payment automatically through paypal approximately 30 days after last day of the following month.  Their shops normally pay anywhere from $10. to $50., depends on the shop, occasionally there are bonuses on the shops if they need them completed in a certain time period.  You can sign up with IntelliShop here.

Secret Shopper

This company has been in existence for over 25 years, a reliable company.  It pays on very consistently and has shops for all interest, why not start today and make some extra cash?

Depending on the area you live in, when you go to schedule a shop you will enter the state you live in and then a mile radius and you have the choice of picking a city within that area.

You can sign up with Secret Shopper here.



"A" Rated Secret Shop Companies

Earn Cash


Sinclair Customer Metrics 

Sinclair Customer Metrics provides mystery shops for restaurants, banks, retail shops and convenience stores. Sinclair offers telephone mystery shopping, in store shops, and video shops.

Becoming a Sinclair Mystery Shopper is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Review the Information for Mystery Shoppers Document
  • Read and agree to our Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Fill out the Secure Online Application
  • Take the Sinclair New Shopper Challenge
  • Take the New Shopper Survey

You can sign up to be a shopper with Sinclair here.

Now that you have read all the information about “A” Rated Secret Shop Companies don’t forget to sign up and have some fun shopping, enjoying a movie or just maybe even get to take in a concert.

Check out all my earning cash possibilities on my blog:




Sharing Your Opinion

Sharing Your Opinion

Sharing Your Opinions

Sharing Your Opinions


Do you have an opinion, do you like to earn points to turn into cash or gift cards? Sharing your opinion can have benefits, so why not sign up with Opinion Outpost and start sharing and earning. http://tracking.surveycheck.com/aff_c?offer_id=1915&aff_id=2619&aff_sub=myDashboard&aff_sub2=ZLP0a8y8Tbg6-43QXyxww4R18uK6yp9h

I use a number of different opinion survey sites to earn cash, gift cards or entries into sweepstakes.  I especially like the earning cash or gift cards, the gift cards come in very handy for gifts.  This year at Christmas I gave out a number of gift cards to my teen-age grandchildren.  

A few of the earnings you can make with sharing your opinion on Opinion Outpost is cash into a paypal account, earn 50 points and you can gain $5.00 towards paypal.  Or earn points for Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/ or itunes, so why not start earning those points today?  

One of their opportunities with Opinion Outpost with sweepstakes.

Some Tips as Time Expires On Q3 Prize Draw!Make sure to participate in surveys to earn entries to our $10K Prize Draw!


So once again, why not take time to sign up with Opinion Outpost, sharing your opinion and making some extra cash, gift cards or sweepstakes?


Be A Frugal Shopper

Be A Frugal Shopper

Be A Frugal Shopper

Be A Frugal Shopper


I am back with another money saving site.  We all like to save money and here is a site that has daily deals.  Be a frugal shopper and join up with Hip2Save.

At least once a day I receive an email with some daily deals.  As I was looking through them today I saw this deal:  

hip2save.com/…/one-year-samsclub-membership-free-25-gift-card-free- pizza-and-cookies-only-45/
3 days ago If you’ve been waiting to score a deal on a Sam’s Club Membership, this post is for YOU!


Who doesn’t like to save money, get a bargain enjoy a free pizza and cookies?  I personally know this is a good deal, not only because of the price they are offering but because they Sam’s Club has good deals in their stores.  

This isn’t the only savings Hip2Save has to offer, go to their site and check out some of the other savings, sign up and receive daily deals and be a frugal shopper starting today.  Hip2Save:  http://hip2save.com/search/?q=Sam%27s+Club&x=14&y=15

Here is another good deal on Hip2Save, *NEW* Buy 2, Get 1 FREE DiGiorno Pizzas Coupon = Only $3.33 Per Pizza at Target

I don’t have a Target near me or I would be jumping in my car and heading out to pick up this great deal!! Some of the other deals of interest that Hip2Save has to offer is deals on restaurants.  And check out the Freebies, I just discovered this list of Birthday Freebies, they have a list of businesses that offer birthday freebies.

One more great deal that I came across while searching is the Rewards, there is a Kidz Eyes site, check it out, a good way for kids to earn some spending money and learn how to be a frugal shopper.

What are you waiting for?  Go to Hip2Save, sign up and start saving money.



Earn Cash Shopping Lowe’s

Earn Cash Shopping Lowe’s


I said I would post this shop, take advantage of signing up with KSS https://www.sassieshop.com/sassie/SassieShopperSignup/Signup.php?EmsID=ggGNDwmEsOk%3D

Don’t miss out on making some extra cash shopping Lowe’s and other stores that KSS has available.

Earn Cash Shopping Lowe's

Cash from Money Saving Deals


As I promised here is the information that I received, hope someone out there is able to take advantage of this great offer.  I don’t live near any of these locations otherwise I would be grabbing this up.

Once you are signed up with KSS-International go to Job Board, put in distance you are willing to travel and if any of these shops are available they will come up on a map.  Here is a list of the where the Lowe’s shops are available:

Available Shops:







Hoping someone has the ability to take advantage of one of these shops today!!!

I will post more shops as they come available to me.

Have a great day!!  Leave a comment and be looking for my newsletter sign up that I will be posting in the next couple of days.


Income From Home

Income From Home

There are multiple ways of earning extra cash on Inbox.com while sitting at home or maybe while on your lunch break from work.  Use your mobile phone or your computer and earn income from home.

Income From Home

Earn Money


The ways you can earn!


   1.    Surveys – Share your opinions and earn cash for them.

   2.    Emails – Just click on emails about products and services.

   3.    Offers – Try new products and services and get paid for signing up.

   4.    Videos – Watch videos and earn.

   5.    Play Games – Have fun and make those extra    

Income From Home

Earn cash from home.


Sign up at inbox.com http://www.inboxdollars.com/  and find all the way you can earn cash while sitting at home or from your mobile phone while on your lunch break at work.  

I have used this site for a while now, after you make a required amount of cash you can draw it out.  If you are diligent and consistently do the surveys and sign up for products you can earn a nice amount of cash.

Sign up:  http://<a href=”http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref16719055″> <img src=”http://www.inboxdollars.com/graphics/creative/banners/120×60/120x60_2.gif” border=”0″ /> </a>

Once you have signed up refer a friend and earn more, so why not sign up now through my referral link and we can both benefit.  Just click on the link below and get started.




Deals For Everyone

Deals For Everyone


Deals For Everyone

hot deals red word in megaphone


Still looking for a unique gift for someone special, check out Living Socials, there are Deals For Everyone!  

You will find deals that will meet so many areas, whether it be for a birthday party or for a Christmas gift or just a special time for yourself.

Living Socials offers deals and discounts on things to do in your city or a city near you, looking for deals and discounts for restaurants, family outings, personal fitness and more.

Have you ever wanted a massage?  Living Socials has discounts on massage services.

Yesterday when I was going through my emails I came across one from Living Socials offering a discounts on admissions to a Holiday Tour in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This is the time of year when the lights are shining throughout many towns and who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful Christmas light show!  


Christmas Lights

Riverside Christmas decorations


Go to Living Socials, sign up, look for that city near you and search out the deals and discounts that are offered.  Don’t miss out on a deal for getting those Christmas Card made up or that special personal photo items made for a special one in your life.

Are you traveling soon?  Living Socials offers deals and discounts at top destinations for Atlantic City, the Caribbean, Colorado, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Texas for a few, so go to Living Socials and check out more they have to offer.

Vail, Colorado

Ski Lift at Vail, Colorado

Deals for everyone

Caribbean Deals &            Discounts at Living Socials







Don’t miss out on those deals and discounts, make sure to sign up on Living Socials, click on the link below and find yourself a great deal, there are so many options.  Living Socials has a “Good Deal Guarantee,” they want you confident with your purchase, they want you to go away smiling!!

Did you check out Living Socials?  Have you signed up?


Living Socials:  https://login.livingsocial.com/signup/







Money Saving Deals

Money Saving Deals


Saving Money Deals

Saving money deals that put money in your piggy bank


I know this is one of the times of the year that everyone is looking for a deal to save money on your shopping! As Christmas nears us and we are looking for those special gifts or gifts for those hard to buy for people maybe I can help you with a place to find those Money Saving Deals.

Groupon is a free service to join and offers money saving deals that can save you some cash to use in other areas of your life, can give you some good deals on those unique buys whether for a gift or just because.  Groupon is a Deal-of-the-Day service, every 24 hours, Groupon post deals for restaurants, stores or services in multiple cities in the USA and Canada.

Groupon will send an email announcing to it’s subscribers the deal-of-the-day in their metro area.  The deals offered are generally 50% discounts and if you like any of the deals offered then you purchase an electronic coupon to use at which ever merchandiser you purchased it for.  How do you pay?  Groupon accepts credit cards and paypal.

Always be sure to read any Fine Print, there may be exceptions to a purchase, there may also be some restrictions in redeeming.  For example:  I myself purchased some restaurant coupons online from another company and I didn’t read all the details.  I now have 3 coupons that I might not ever use.  Good news they don’t expire.  So make sure you are aware of what you are purchasing!!

I hope you find Groupon to be useful for money saving deals!  And if you want to sign up just go to this link: https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/31f6d58f-1ad2-4378-a8e3-305a060cb521

Why not sign up now?  Do you like to save money and have extra cash?  What do you think of this deal?  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!!


Money Saving Deals

Cash from Money Saving Deals


Credit Card Blunders:  http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/banking-credit/articles/2016-11-22/6-credit-card-blunders-to-avoid-this-holiday-season?int=personalfinance-rec

Hot 2016 Black Friday Doorbusters:  http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/articles/2016-11-21/the-hottest-black-friday-doorbusters-of-2016?int=personalfinance-rec



Top That Cash

Top That Cash

Top That Cash

Top That Cash


Oh boy, do I have a deal for you, want to save on gift buying or just want to save, then Top That Cash!!!  I just happen to come across this deal through an email I received on one of my many other money saving sites I receive offers from, it was get the movie “Finding Dory,” free, who doesn’t like to get things free??  So follow along to find out how to Top That Cash!!


I have multiple sites of programs offering deals on savings and I received the deal to get the movie, “Finding Dory,” free by ordering it through this company called “TopCashBack.”  The way it worked was to sign up with “TopCashBack” order the movie “Finding Dory,” through Walmart using their “Deal Code” and then after the movie has been ordered paid for you will receive the cost of the movie back in one of their forms of payment.  The great thing is I can today report I have now received the option of payment of that money for the movie.  Not only am I getting the movie free but I am getting $21.95 back in cash where as I paid out $21.06 for the movie.  

I hope that all made sense to you, I want to encourage you to sign up at TopCashBack and enjoy the offers that they have on their site. So please sign up through this link: https://www.topcashback.com/ref/gramme

I can’t assure you that the free “Finding Dory” movie deal is still available because when I go in to check on it at TopCashBack it gives me a message stating; (Sorry, this is a restricted offer. Unfortunately you’re not eligible for this deal.) So hopefully it will be available to you, but if not there are plenty of other options of money saving deals to choose from.  

Please don’t forget to sign up using this https://www.topcashback.com/ref/gramme


Points Earn Gifts



Points Earn Gifts

Points Earn Gifts


I have decided to break down and tell you about this site where points earn gifts, gift cards that is!!  I have been keeping it from you for a selfish reason.  See if I get people to sign up under my link on this site then I earn points and what do points mean more rewards and more rewards means more ways for me to spend my points!!  I have been using this site since 1999 and have earned 86,000 points in that time and have spent 75,000!  

So, let’s get into how this points earn gifts program works.  Once all signed in you start by clicking on one of the menu choices, Shop, Deals, Coupons, Surveys, Videos, Games & More.  Now you have the opportunity to start building up those points, if you choose Shop you can start earning points by shopping through one of their listed merchandisers. I haven’t earned as many points as I could have through the shop link, because quite honestly I forget to do it that way.  There is multiple merchandisers that you can earn points through, for example, Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy and the list goes on and on!  

I have earned quite a few points by booking hotel reservations through here, this program supports Expedia, which I have found to be one of the cheapest places to book my hotel rooms through. So if you do travel, eat out, whatever and want to book online here would be the not to only get a good deal and remember points earn gifts.

Fill out surveys and earn points, they will send you emails and you just simply click on it, scroll down and you will see a message, “You have new surveys waiting for you in the SurveyZone.” Click on “Take Survey Now,” and you will go directly to that zone.  

It is all so simple and your will be rewarded points that you can cash in on eGift or physical cards for values from $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00s.  Some points redeem as low as 700 points for a $5.00 card for Red Robin, Barnes & Noble, or The Children’s Place.


Points Earn Gifts

Points Earn Gifts


I guess I have kept you waiting long enough, the long awaited name of the points earn gifts program!!  MyPoints.com  https://mypoints.com/    I know you will love earning the points to use for gifts, I have been delighted when I could redeem points and have a gift card to use for someone else or even for myself! 

Oh and don’t miss the opportunity for earning points by having your friends sign up on MyPoints.com, just follow the process of Refer-a-Friend under the More category.  Let me know how this all worked out for you, leave me a comment!!!

MyPoints.com:  https://mypoints.com/

Christmas Shopping Tips:  http://www.multiplemayhemmamma.com/2012/11/the-top-10-tips-for-stress-free-christmas-shopping.html#sthash.tODZdHsS.dpbs




Be A Mystery Shopper

Be A Mystery Shopper


Mystery Shopper


Be a Mystery Shopper!!  Do you care about customer service?  I know I sure do, in fact today I was in a grocery store that the 2 cashiers that were available both looked like they just got done eating rotten eggs, no smiles, no personal connection at all.  That is what this mystery shopping program is all about, how to treat customers so that they want to come back.  Secret Shopper will give you the opportunity to help those digital, brick and mortar companies improve customer service.

What does Secret Shopper offer for opportunities?  You will be rewarded cash for being a mystery shopper, using your expertise tin evaluating customer service in many aspects of the business world.  There are opportunities to evaluate businesses such as banking institutions, restaurants, salons, hotels and so many more types of business.  Be a mystery shopper that focuses on solutions, productivity and deliver the greatest customer experiences.  

I am sure we all have our horror stories of a shopping experience, where the associate just treated you so poorly you just didn’t want to even shop at that store ever again.  I really have a hard time understanding what an associate thinks they gain by offering poor customer service.  I can speak from both sides of the fence, I worked as a customer service associate in a grocery store for a number of years and I know some customers can be a little difficult but you just have to keep that smile glowing on your face and treat them with utmost respect.  I have also been a customer and mystery shopper and have experienced some really poor situations.



Mystery Shopper

Client in shop paying at cash register



For 25 years the Secret Shopper company has delivered market research and analysis to their clients.  They assist clients in customer-focused industries to provide the utmost customer experiences.  Join their company and be a part of helping companies provide their customers the best experience.  And the best part you get paid to be a mystery shopper!!


Secret Shopper:  https://www.secretshopper.com/

A Smile Goes A Long Way: http://www.retailwiseusa.com/tag/a-smile-goes-a-long-way