Celery In The Freezer

Celery Stalk

Fresh Stalk of Celery


Celery In The Freezer

I had planted so much celery this year, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it all.  It was so wonderful to go out to my garden and cut a few stalks of fresh celery to use in my different recipes.  What shall I do with all the celery still sitting in my garden?  Here in Northern Wisconsin it is going to start getting pretty cold soon, so the celery has to come out of the garden. The question is, can I put celery in the freezer?  

 I read a few articles and found freezing celery was easy and a good way to have it on hand for all those soup recipes through the winter, which I make soup at least once a week & my favorite is Potato Soup, so I am drying celery leaves also because I always like to add some to my Potato Soup.  

I started by cutting my celery stalks off of the main hub and then putting the stalks in cold water to get any dirt off of them, scrubbed them down some and then I was ready to start dicing & dicing!!


washed celery

Washed celery

dicing celery

Dicing Celery








And here we have it, I should have kept count of how many stalks of celery I diced up but I didn’t, I know I had 5 plants in my garden and they were a really healthy plant.  I would suggest for anyone that likes celery or who uses a lot of it for soups or canning that you grow it, I had just started growing it a few years ago and have been very thankful I had it on hand.  After dicing & dicing I ended up more then a large bowl of celery, ready for the freezer.  I laid it out on a large jelly roll pan and froze it for 2 hours.  



Bowl of Diced Celery

Diced Celery

Freezing Celery

Freeze for 2 hours







And there you have it, 5 quarts of diced Celery In The Freezer!!



Celery In The Freezer

Celery In The Freezer










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