Easy DIY Fabric Napkins

Easy DIY Fabric Napkins



Finished Napkin

Easy DIY Fabric Napkin


I had this extra large table cloth I bought at a bargain and so I decided why not make some napkins with the excess fabric?  Anyone can make a set of napkins, just follow the Easy DIY Fabric Napkins instructions and you will have yourself a useful set of napkins to grace your table setting.  



$5.00 Tablecloth

$5.00 Tablecloth



I started off by cutting a 30″ depth piece off of the end of my table cloth, and I made a 11 X 11″ pattern so I could cut out 4 napkins, obviously I will get more than 4 from the piece I cut off but we will start with 4 of them for now.    You can cut your napkins any size you would like, just keep in mind that you always want to cut them 1″ larger then the size napkin you prefer.  Also depending on the fabric you use, you want to chose fabric that is going to be absorbent and will not shrink when wash, to prevent shrinkage pre-wash your fabric.  So now we have the 4 11 X 11″ napkins cut out and now onto the Easy DIY Fabric Napkins instructions.



Cutting 30" wide piece

30″ Wide

11 X 11" Pattern

11 X 11″ Pattern

1 - 11 X 11" Napkins

4 napkins









I am going to show you how to do a mitered edge instead of the just stitch seams over each other, makes for a little fancier edge, I think you will be pleased with your finished edges.

  • Fold both raw edges in 1/2” and press.
  • Fold pressed edges out.
  • Fold the corners up from where the 2 fold creases meet.
  • Clip the corner off, a hint hold it up from the rest of the fabric and clip the corner above the fold lines.
  • Fold the two sides up again and press, you will see how the mitered edges meet together.
  • Fold each side under 1/4” to meet the inner fold and press.                                                                                                                          


4 Square

Fold, press & stitching











With the stitching done on all edges of all 4 napkins, press each napkin well!!  A nice added touch to your table, I am planning on using them for a fall get together, wouldn’t they look nice with a nice acorn napkin ring?  



Easy DIY Fabric Napkins

Easy DIY Fabric Napkins