Nothing Like Homemade Pie

Nothing Like Homemade Pie


Nothing Like Homemade Pie

Nothing Like Homemade Pie


Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed homemade pies for Thanksgiving, there is Nothing Like Homemade Pie!!!

For some reason I remember one particular Thanksgiving, I was a young girl and it was November 24th, my third brother’s birthday. I don’t recall how old he was but it seemed like it was a big deal because it was a special day!!  

I recall my Mom baking and getting the turkey ready, she always made such great meals, it didn’t matter if it was for a special holiday or just a normal supper meal. We always had meat, potatoes, vegetable, salad and of course a dessert. One of the salads she made that I really liked the most was just a simple half peach on a leaf of lettuce and a scoop of cottage cheese in the middle of the peach!  


This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and I knew I had 3 pies to make today so I figured it was a good time to get up and get those pies done.  I had a dilemma, pie crust, the last couple of times I had made pie crust it just fell apart when I went to put it in the pie plate, I just really couldn’t figure out why, I have always made wonderful pie crust and now I just couldn’t get my old faithful crust to turn out. So I started searching online for pie crust recipes and decided to try a couple of new ones.

I always made my pie crust from a certain brand of shortening but as of late, like I said the pie crust just fell apart, so the first crust I made was from butter & cream cheese, which you had to refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.  The next crust I made did use shortening, which I did use that brand, but it had a couple of other ingredients that I hadn’t used before.  The butter & cream cheese crust rolled out fine and didn’t fall apart but the next crust just crumbled, I had to do a lot of patching to make it work, hopefully it taste alright. 

I made my own pumpkin pie filling from a pumpkin I grew in my garden, so for sure nothing like homemade pie.




I also made 2 Apple Pies, no I don’t have my own apple orchard, wish I did!!  But remember how I introduced the Apple, Peeler, Corer?  Well, it worked great here for peeling and coring those 18 cups of apples I needed for the 2 pies, click on the link below and pick yourself up a Apple, Peeler, Corer!!


Apple Pie

Apple Pie with regular crust

Apple Pie/Cream Cheese Crust

Apple Pie w/Cream Cheese Crust

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie







So instead of giving advice this time, I am asking what is the problem, is the brand of shortening I have used for 47+ years just not up to standard or could it be the water softener salt in my water???


Cream Cheese Pie Crust:

Pumpkin Pie Puree: