Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden



Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

Healthy Plants



Wow, who would have ever thought hydrogen peroxide would be good for a garden?  I was really surprised to learn this, so check out how to “Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden.”

I know Hydrogen Peroxide is a very good cleaning agent, but I have never thought of it to be useful in the garden because of the oxygen element.  Hydrogen peroxide has an extra oxygen atom, it is this extra oxygen atom that makes the hydrogen peroxide so useful.  

There are a number of good reasons why the Hydrogen Peroxide is good in the garden, I will be trying this out myself.


Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

Preventing Root Rot



  1.  Hydrogen Peroxide Uses Against Root Rot.  

    Overwatering can be one of the causes of root rot, it can also be poor soil aeration. Giving your soil enough space for air and nutrients to get through to the roots of your plants is the best way to see your plants flourish.  The bad news about having root rot is that you don’t generally notice it until it has really taken over your plants, but the good news is you can treat it with Hydrogen Peroxide.  Use a week solution, mixing one part chemical with two parts water.  Carefully pour it around the roots and the base of your plant to kill off the bacteria.  This will also kill off any bacteria or fungus, establishing a good root system will give you healthy thriving plants.

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide for faster germination.

  2. Using Hydrogen for Faster Seed Germination

    You can use hydrogen peroxide to help seeds germinate more quickly. Hydrogen peroxide softens the coat of seeds and kills any pathogen present on seed coat thus increase the germination rate and help the seed germinate faster. Soak your seeds in a 3% hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes. Rinse the seeds several times with water before planting and plant them as usual.

  3.  Hydrogen Peroxide for Mold and Mildew

    Hydrogen peroxide has an oxidizing property that is fatal for mold and mildew. Mix a liter of water with 10 tablespoons of 3 to 6% hydrogen peroxide depending on the level of infection. Spray this solution on plants daily until the fungus disappears.

    Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

    Healthy Roots

  4. Strengthen Your Plants Roots System.

    Hydrogen peroxide has an extra oxygen molecule over water, that helps plant’s roots to absorb nutritions from the soil.  Watering plants with hydrogen peroxide solution will introduce more oxygen into your soil.  and it will give it a kick start or help an ailing plant get back on track. Use about two teaspoons of 35% hydrogen peroxide to around one gallon of water and then use it on your garden every other time you go out to water your plants.  

    Getting rid of those bugs and insects

  5.  Keep The Pest Away.

    All gardens have bugs and insects, some are helpful like the honey bee and then there are those downright pests that damage the plants.  Using a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, it is safe to use and will keep away insects and kill any eggs.  It is a safer and cheaper means then the store-bought insecticides which are full of toxic chemicals harmful to pets and wildlife.



    Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

    Ridding your garden of weeds


    Using a week solution of hydrogen peroxide is good for plants without harming them but a stronger solution will take care of those weeds.  A 10% concentration will kill the weeds, simply mix it with water in a spray bottle and target those nasty weeds, be careful not to get it on the plants it will kill them also. 


    Doesn’t it make sense to clean those pots and tools up, if you have used them in the garden where there has been a fungus or you have had diseased dirt or plants in a pot you would want to clean them up!  To disinfect your tools, remove and dirt and debris then fill a bucket with hydrogen peroxide solution.  The solution should be a gallon of water to two cups of hydrogen peroxide.  Then rinse out the pots with the same solution.

 Solution Chart for hydrogen peroxide mix:

Uses for hydrogen peroxide:

So there you have it how to, “Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden.”  I hope this was useful to you having a beautiful thriving garden.



Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Garden

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